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Wood Wyant, manufacturer and distributor. We are an experienced partner that can meet your bid requests and help you optimize processes according to your budget.

Wood Wyant, manufacturer and distributor. We can quickly complete your bid requests for hygiene and sanitation products, and help you optimize processes according to your budget. We offer a full range of chemicals, paper products and accessories. 

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals know how to quickly prepare bids that will meet all the criteria required by the various levels of government. They also know how to tailor our products and services to each request to ensure the best price-quality ratio and best interest of all parties.
To meet even the most demanding government requests, our bids include the availability of a local manager to always ensure a rapid response. You also benefit from a vast network of warehouses located in each Canadian province to facilitate logistics. Ordering can be done by B2B and on our transactional site. These are just some of the many reasons why we are the Canadian leader in hygiene and sanitation.
As Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of hygiene and sanitation products, we also have strong purchasing power. We can offer the best prices on a large number of quality products. Our investments in R&D have allowed us to innovate with a number of forward-thinking products, such as our Vert-2-Go and Vert-2-Go Bio environmentally friendly products.
Our catalogue includes a wide selection of accessories and specialized equipment, along with our complete range of Envirologic products, such as paper products and garbage bags in all formats. We are also the exclusive distributor of Taski equipment in Canada.

Local, regional and national customers rely on Wood Wyant because we partner with them to develop customized solutions. And we back them with proactive, flexible service.